Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Come Holy Spirit, let me speak wisely

Come Holy Spirit, 
Let me speak wisely

The Holy Spirit represents wisdom - gives us this essential gift. Great wisdom is needed to walk a path of light and goodness through your life.

Wisdom requires us not to react hastily, judge wrongly or answer foolishly, it guides us in seeing truth and balancing decision making. It leads us on a safe path, lifted by the energy of the Spirit, which is Love.

Let us ask for this gift in abundance then, for it shines the clearest light on complex circumstances and difficult choices. It whispers in your heart  and brings a feeling of rightness and fairness. You know when a decision is wise for you can sense it is so. It uplifts, sustains, blesses, invigorates, gives confidence on your spiritual journey.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Holy Spirt, help me see clearly

Come Holy Spirit, come

Help me see clearly

At times of loss, limitation, change, doubt and confusion, it is easy to get caught up in fear; to see the worst scenarios playing out; to not feel at all safe. It is then that we must surely call upon the Spirit and immerse ourselves in the Love of the Holy Trinity. 

Did Jesus not use the phrase, ‘Be not afraid’ more times than any other phrase? Let us find comfort in that, fir fear, though it nay be based on realistic outcome, can also incapacitate and twist things, stealing hope away. 

When the Spirit comes we can feel the energy of love with us, surrounding us, strengthening us, guiding us. When we feel lost and confused and don't know what to do, when we are in need of light and clarity, let us ask with confidence for clear vision, for the Spirit will help us. 

We need but ask in trust and faith. Oh how much we need to set a clear safe path, through these complicated turbulent times, where fear can so easily unhinge us all.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

On praying the Our Father

The Pope called for people to pray the Our Father today at midday. This is the most wonderful prayer of protection. Let us be confident as we pray in Faith that God hears and answers us, for this is the most intimate prayer we have of the Son to The Father.
A prayer that we and many people learn as children is the Our Father, though the depth of wisdom and understanding we now have, in relation to this prayer, were only received through great personal suffering and personal insight. We have only understood the beauty, the power and the protection of this prayer as adults, through revelation, praying it and entering deeply upon a path of suffering with trust and confidence in the truth of the Word of God and as such we want to more fully share this learning, for it is deep and rich and overarching in its breadth. We pray this prayer often when we pray to the Heart of Love. It is a prayer especially helpful for the beginning and ending of contemplation and before other specific prayers which lead to a deepening of prayer life. It enables
confidence in the protection of Our Lord. For the more deeply we pray, the more spiritual protection we require.
So as we come to pray this prayer, let us open our hearts to the love and the truth and the beauty therein. Let us not say these words in dullness, out of habit and routine. Let us enter fully with faith and more than this, with knowledge that these words truly will protect us and bring us safe passage, through any circumstance, for they are a promise of God with us and the life yet to come. Amen

Our Father
Who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name,
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth
As it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those
Who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil.

On prayer

The most powerful tool that God can give us, is the power of prayer, for it is the way that we can connect truly and immediately with God. 

We can pray to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit or to the Trinity, the awesome Heart of Love. There are many prayers, both individual or for group worship, both formal and informal, spoken and silent. Some rely on the prayers and practices of others, others rely on their own direct connection and simply speak from their heart. No matter how you approach prayer, be confident and reassured: God hears them all.

What is so moving is the felt presence of God, when people pray in absolute trust and faith. Each word then glistens with the power of the Holy Spirit, new depth of insight, new visions of hope can be inspired.

When a person prays ardently and sincerely the Word of God shines out deepening its meaning, transcending the present moment, linking all in the hope beyond time that emanates from the truth of the Heart of Love.

The most wonderful, awesome presence of God links and unites all. Transformed in the silence, one single person praying in sincerity, touches the whole world. And nothing can be the same again.

We are reminded that all things are possible, nothing is set, there can be change, goodness, can, will and does flow.

When people pray together, linked by the Heart of Love, we can trust with all certainty that this day is blessed and a path of love has opened to the whole world.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Blessing

May every blessing ever made
Reach you in your distress
May every blessing sent to you
Curl round you in a loving embrace
May every blessing ever spoken
Whisper words of love and strength
To carry you through the bleakest days
May every blessing bless you now!

A prayer for protection

Just to remind people seeking spiritual comfort and uplifment  that we can pray and hold our hearts and minds in the Power and Love of the Trinity, when we feel weak or afraid.

A prayer of protection

Lord, I need protection,
So much assails me daily.
Help me know that
You will provide safe passage
Throughout my life,
That angels guard me,
That You love me
And that all will somehow be well
Even when it does not feel that way.

When we feel the need for protection we can ask boldly for it. We can also pray the Our Father, the greatest prayer that Jesus gave us.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

When I am overwhelmed

When I am overwhelmed 
and incapacitated by fear
I focus on all that is good, 
all that is safe, 
all that is true right now.
I see the beauty of nature 
surrounding me,
as Spring unfurls.
Whether I am outside or trapped indoors,
I think of the trees.
They stand glowing
As buds burst into new life.
A promise of blossom
then an abundance of fruit to come.
They tell me, they are not afraid.
Spring is coming in.
Nothing can stop the slow, steady progress
Of their growth toward the light.
When I feel fear staring me in the face
Blocking my senses
Tearing at my mind
Whispering unhelpful possibilities,
I look up and out upon the stars.
I tell myself
that they are not afraid
of falling from the sky.
Their light still shines
From a billion light years away
To reach me in the gathering gloom.
When I feel fear grasping at my heart
I look to you 
and see you
Standing before me,
Arms open wide
Loving me
Caring for me,
Affirming me
Helping me stay strong.
Against all fear
We stand together.

Come Holy Spirit, May your Spirit flow freely within me

Come Holy Spirit, come
Come Holy Spirit,
May your Spirit flow freely within me

When the Spirit comes to our call, we need to open to the flow of love that pours in to us and allow ourselves to follow where the Spirit leads. The Spirit is not blocked, then, from fully working within us, empowering us, blessing us, leading us on, showering us with gifts to use in the service of the Trinity.

As the Spirit flows freely, we cannot say exactly where the path will lead: so we must grow in confidence, trust and awareness of God with us. We must learn how to best use the gifts the Spirit brings, so that we will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God. 

So let us call with certainty upon the Holy Spirit, that our faith journey might be inspired by the presence and ever-flowing love that the Spirit brings. Amen

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Lent: Come Holy Spirit, bring miracles of healing

Come Holy Spirit 
Bring miracles of healing with you

We trust in the power and possibility of miracles that manifest through the great and total love of the Awesome Mighty Trinity. Miracles are also acknowledged as a specific gift of the Holy Spirit. So let us always be emboldened by the Spirit. 

We never know how our prayers will be answered, yet we pray in trust and confidence, asking for miracles to abound, especially in times of great difficulty, like the whole world is facing now, when fear would have us feeling totally lost and helpless. 

Let us cling on to the mystery of ‘God with us’ and ask the Spirit to pour out miracles, that we may remain strong in faith and confident in the proactive Love of the Trinity. Let love pour out from each and everyone. 

May communities and individuals in need, all find miracles of healing and hope today. Amen

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Lent: Come Holy Spirit Shield and Protect me from harm

Come Holy Spirit 
Shield and Protect me from harm

The Spirit is pure Love in Action; a real Power in the world. How can the Spirit protect and shield us? The Spirit brings Gifts that aid us, so that we can act wisely, discern truly, to help us make right decisions. The Spirit is the Messenger of God. Let us listen for the messages the Spirit brings that will help keep us safe as we walk a Holy path with God. Let us open our ears to hear God speak. Let us open our eyes to see God with us. Let us open our hearts to flow with the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit brings healing on multiple levels; healing of mind, healing of body, healing of emotion, healing of spirit. And when we feel lost and the way ahead feels impossible, when hope is waining, the Spirit brings miracles unexpected, that can save us. The energy of Love, uplifts us, carries us forward and energises us, empowers us with confidence. 

Praying in the Power of the Spirit, comforts, strengthens, renews and brings spiritual protection, especially when we pray the Our Father, the prayer of the Son to the Father, reflecting His own greatest need for protection for the path ahead: His Passion and death, which leads on to renewal, Resurrection and Life Eternal. 

Therefore let us not be afraid, for when we look with fear, we cannot see clearly the wonder and power of Love that transfigures and transforms everything, bringing new Light, new Hope, new possibilities, where none seemed likely.

And so we banish all fear and ask that the Spirit shield us from harm. We ask for the Blessings the Spirit brings, to uplift and transform our lives, this day and every day, Amen

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Lent: Come Holy Spirit, help me speak truly and fairly

Come Holy Spirit, come
Come Holy Spirit 
Help me speak truly and fairly

Fairness is at the centre of right relationship. Having the honesty and integrity to make fair judgement can be aided by the Wisdom and Knowledge that the Holy Spirit brings. 

Even if you feel cross, judgmental, hurt, blaming, with the power of the Spirit and a strong moral principle of Fairness and Truth in the centre of your being, you can avoid rash comments, punitive or hostile reactions, negative interactions. 

You can proactively flow with the Spirit. Fairness feels good and right. It makes sense, when you step back from a situation and work to discern the right response. 

So we say, ‘ Come Holy Spirit, help me walk a path of light with fairness influencing all my decisions.’

Monday, 9 March 2020

Lent: Come Holy Spirit, Lead me and guide me

Come Holy Spirit,
Lead me and guide me on a path of Light

The Light of God shines within us. It blesses, reveals, strengthens, illuminates knowledge and the path to take. It brings comfort, hope and joy. The Spirit burns bright in us and helps us feel, see know and trust the truth of the light within, that shines as a result of the Spirit of God with us. 

That Light, so spiritually bright, radiates out beyond us and helps us find safe passage through the storms of life, shining a light too that others might see more clearly. The Light of God is an inner light. It is recognised with spiritual awareness, so let us call upon the Spirit and ask that we perceive this Light that will help lead and guide us on to safe ground. Amen

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Come Holy Spirit, Shower me with Your Gifts

Come Holy Spirit
Shower me with Your Gifts

The Gifts of the Spirit are specific and awesome in nature. If you have been given a gift to use, may you be inspired with confidence and allow the spirit to work through you. They are gifts that enhance the spiritual life and bless the community. 

How can you know if a gift is truly of the Spirit? It can be discerned by its feel. Or as Saint Ignatius might say, how it tastes. As the Bible says, by the fruit shall you know them. Each gift has a special purpose, whether that is the gift of Healing or the gift of Discernment, the gift of Tongues and the interpretation of them or the gift of Miracles. Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith; all are important and essential to the coming of the Kingdom.

Let us then be emboldened by the Spirit as we pray and wisely use our own special gift from God.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Come Holy Spirit, Give me a Thirst for Justice and Righteousness

Come Holy Spirit,
Give me a Thirst for Justice and Righteousness,

As we are filled with the Spirit we are inspired to seek and find truth and righteousness in any situation. We long for right justice for all inequality and corporate, institutional and personal harm. 

We find confidence in speaking out, we are inspired to take a proactive stance in righting wrong. We are energised by the Spirit of Love and Mercy to seek not vengeance, but justice.

We know the truth in our hearts. Our minds are illuminated with Wisdom. We are guided by the Holy Spirit in the way of Unconditional Love. We pray for discernment. We hope for a better future for all, based on integrity, goodness and with loving kindness and clarity and Justice at the centre.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Reflections in Lent: Come Holy Spirit, inspire me

Come Holy Spirit, 
Inspire me with Truth

Truth is an essential part of the spiritual journey. Truth is what binds us in the centre of our being to God. For truth is the fundamental principle that flows from the Heart of Love, the Awesome Mighty Trinity and against which we can discern right decision and know the right thing to do.

Truth burns in our hearts when the Spirit comes. We recognise the presence of the Spirit by the taste and feel of the energy flowing in us. We recognise the Life, the Light, the Gifts and messages that the Spirit brings, with absolute certainty. We will not go wrong on our spiritual journey if we use Truth as our moral compass and take time to discern Truth in any circumstance we find ourselves in.

The Spirit sings in our hearts, gladdens us with Joy unbidden, illuminates the path. Where the Spirit abides goodness flows. When the Spirit leads we can follow in confidence.

One of the greatest and most essential gifts we need on the spiritual path is Discernment - the way to know the Truth of God, who is all love and Mercy. Then we can know peace of mind and trust in the way ahead.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Reflecting through Lent: Come Holy Spirit, reside in me

Come Holy Spirit, 
Reside in me in Power and Tenderness

There is a juxtaposition between the power of the Holy Spirit and the tenderness with which the Holy Spirit touches our lives. Despite such awesome Power, the Spirit comes to our call and invitation only, not forcing us to participate more fully in the Will of God nor allow the Spirit of Love to reside in us, unless we so choose this.

 The Love of the Trinity, manifested in the Holy Spirit brings emboldenment and confidence to us and provides an active flow of Spiritual energy that we can ride or dance upon, carrying us to new depths of wisdom, new insights and understanding, bringing new gifts to explore and use in service to the Trinity. There is no force, no pressure, no expectation or demand that cannot be met, nor use of us against our own free will, for it is the power of love that lives in us both awesome and abundant, yet also gentle, tender, accepting, waiting patiently, tenderly, lovingly for our call.


  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen