Saturday, 20 April 2019

Truly Beloved

For the Son was truly beloved of the Father and was never lost, never not loved, never forgotten, never uncared for, despite the punishing agony of the Cross and the seeming abandonment. Jesus knew the Father loved Him and was with Him through it all, even when the suffering was so great that  he cried out to Him why had He forsaken him, such was the overwhelming desolation of the pain upon the cross. 
Yet He had lived a life of prayer and connectedness to the Father. 
Only One who has known such love and relationship, can give such love. 
Thus we can be certain that even when we suffer, even when we are in agony, we are beloved as He was beloved, for He wanted us to be with Him and He held us all on the cross as He was dying and willing us all to be with Him always: that was the gift of love given to Him by the Father.  That is the love felt in the Eucharist. 
The unbreakable bond of love.

Show me

When all is unclear and life seems full of chaos, we turn to the Lord and ask for guidance, we ask for wisdom, we ask for strength and a clear path. We know God is with us in any and all suffering and we hold on tightly to the Cross in painful times, knowing He knows all we are going through and will lead us always towards inner peace and show us a safe pathway full of His Love.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

There is no place you are not

Here I am lord, pinioned by intolerable pain, I lie on the cross with you and find that my heart too is miraculously opened and so, in some mysterious way, I too am held in the Glory and the Mercy of the passion. Thus I am changed for evermore, knowing that, even  in the centre of the most horrendous, indescribable pain, I am closer still to you and can reach out to feel you with me in this most barren and bleakest of places. 
There is no place you are not and therefore even here I am safe, for your love strengthens me and my tiny flicker of light is part of your vast and infinite being. Amen

Hold on

When all seems chaotic and confusing
Lord give me clarity, wisdom and the strength
To hold on to You.


Sunday, 14 April 2019

He is love indeed

When you feel fear....
Cling on to Jesus on the Cross.
He knows your fear and holds it, 
Pray in the Power of His Holy Name, 
He will banish it.
Pray in confidence and faith,
He will save you.
Pray in Absolute Trust,
His Mercy knows no bounds.
Of this you can be certain,
The Lord hears our prayers and answers 
He is Love indeed

We humbly ask

Lord, we humbly ask that you be with us now
Lord, help us feel you near,
Lord, comfort us in our confusion,
Lord, show us Your way
Lord, be with us when we pray,
Needing Your help and inspiration,
Lord answer us Powerfully and Totally! 


Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Lead me to an oasis of goodness

Lord, show me who I am
Show me my purpose
Lead me to love
Guide me through the chaos
To an oasis of goodness
Where hope abides
And love heals
And your light shines brightly
Giving me a new vision
Full of possibility.

I pray for comfort

I pray for your comfort today.
I pray for mercy to touch your life
And lift you into the truth of love here with you.
I pray for wisdom and consolation to bless your days
But more than this I pray for freedom from the past,
Freedom from illusion, freedom from guilt
And freedom from pain.
I pray that you live in the precious present moment
and feel blessed
by all that surrounds you
and all that is good.
I pray for happiness
For laughter
For kindness to find you
I pray for special moments
And the joy of life
To fill you
And inspire you.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

I trust

I place my heart
I place my body
I place my hope
I place my hurt
All in You Lord

I ask for a miracle
Knowing miracles 
Will be

I trust in You
And I thank you 
with all my being.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Live in us

Oh Holy Eucharist Divine 
Live in us

The Holy Eucharist is, incredibly, Christ himself, come to be with us, in a mysterious and indescribably Sacred way. Approaching the Eucharist, you can feel the Holiness of His presence. You can know with certainty that He is with you and come to be with you in a most Holy and intimate way, for it is His most precious gift and promise to us. 

A most pure and unique bond of love that unites us, not only with God in heaven, but also with each other, in a most powerful relationship of pure Love. For this, we will eternally raise our hearts, in gratitude beyond words. Amen

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Pure True Light


  I need Your Pure, True Light, Lord,
  To shine within me
  And light a path of healing and hope for me
  Where no path is visible
  And all feels beyond hope to me,
  Knowing how You heal and save!


Wednesday, 3 April 2019

A Litany of the Eucharist

Oh Holy Eucharist Divine 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Light of life
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Light of man 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Bread of Heaven 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Living Christ 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Absolute Truth 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Most Holy Communion 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Infinite Mercy 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Truly Beloved 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Light of the World 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Grace from on High 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Son of Man
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Hope of all the Earth 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, Prince of Peace 
Live in us
Oh Holy Eucharist, The Word Incarnate
Live in us
Oh, Holy Eucharist, Lamb of God
Live in us

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

A video on God’s response to our need

May it bless, strengthen and
comfort you. 

Beauty and Grace

Lord, help us to see
The beauty in each new day,
No matter how hard we struggle
With all our difficulties,
May we be blessed by 
Focussing on beauty
And therein
Find grace.



  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen