Saturday, 14 August 2021

A prayer for those grieving


Lord I have no hope right now.

I cannot see the way forward.

I cannot see Your Light before me.

Lord shine now, in my heart.

Shine bright Lord.

Lead me on!

Lead me through.

Help me cope

Every step of the way.

Show me You are close.


Thursday, 12 August 2021

I need….a prayer of hope

 I need to live in the now

I need to bless the past

And let it go

I need to see a future

Full of hope and goodness

Where love resides

And mercy reigns

In my heart and mind

Where peace restores all imbalance

And life has a purpose

And an intrinsic joy of being.


Tuesday, 10 August 2021

 All That is Awoken

Let the past be still now

Let all that is woken be comforted

Let all that is wounded and broken find peace

Let all the hurting memories be healed

Or held at least and blessed in solitude

May they return to where they belong now

Leaving new awareness

Of ground gained

Life changed

Hope stirred

Love present

Past returned to its place

And put to rest now.

Peace to all

And light to the future

Wrapped in tenderness

Immersed in mercy.

For this is the only way to live in a physically pain-filled life, looking forward, not back, looking to love.

Saturday, 7 August 2021


What is essential in a life of long term suffering without relief?

Essential, for me, is to learn how to be, when nothing is possible to do at all.

Essential, is to love, despite the loss of feeling and sensation.

Essential, is perseverance and a belief in the value of all life, including my own, for even when I am unseen, even when I am unheard, even when I am neglected and ignored, still my presence matters. 

What is essentially left, when all else is taken away from you physically and cognitively? I have learned it must be your true self, wrapped in God’s Love.

In remembrance


Aug 8 : In remembrance of all those we have loved, who have died; a video poem, written by Linda, recited by Greg.

We have to let you go: a poem


We have to let you go with love

For you are in truth gone from the world

Yet not from our hearts.

We hold each precious memory of you

Each word

Each conversation

Each contact

Every special moment that we had.

Words cannot describe the sorrow of your lost presence here in the world

Yet still we see the glistening light of your affect upon our lives 

In so many precious, subtle ways.

And still we know

Inside our hearts,

Your spirit lives 

And we can feel the blessing of your love 

Surrounding us forever more.

Thursday, 5 August 2021

For our friends who have died


Even in the darkest night, Lord

May we find Your Light

Burning bright,

In some secret, special  place,

Deep within us,

Reminding us that You are near

And all the time, holding our loved ones 




  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen