Monday, 31 May 2021


 It is often hard to feel that we are doing anything more than surviving and on days like today it feels like we are being pulled deeper into dismay and away from all that is hopeful. 

The sheer torment and unrelenting nature of the  tirade of symptoms is beyond most people's capacity to endure. Yet enduring constant pain is the only option. 

Seeking some form of distraction is the best to be hoped  for and even that fails dismally to relieve the tedium of so many lost moments hours, days weeks years, it seems sometimes.

It would be great if we could say we live always in  awareness of God's light and every moment is happy. The reality is far more dire.

 Yet it is secret glimpses of love that come within the endurance of this harsh reality which keep us surviving and moving forward: the  sweetness of a smile, the twinkle of an eye, the touch of a hand, an achievement unexpected, a message of love or hope, a word of encouragement, a message from a dear friend, a gift from a stranger, the  sun shining through the clouds or a lady bird sunning itself on a post. 

These are the small moments that bring love, warmth, goodness and relief , these are the moments when we feel wrapped in love and God's presence shines through the desert of pain.

Lord lift us up into awareness of your love and hold us safely, bringing comfort  and consolation in our struggles to survive. Amen.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

My God, my God......


My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? I cry out in the depths of my greatest despair, feeling overwhelmed by pain and inability yet again. I feel lost from Him, out of touch with my connection with Him. In truth I know this cannot be so, for God has promised to be with us, He has told us we are one with Him and the Trinity. We can never be as alone and isolated as we may feel, for He never abandons us. It is this deepest truth then that I cling on to, as my illness batters me again and again, destroying my peace and any sense of wholeness. It is this truth that I return to. It is this ever-present love of God that stays with us, even when we feel it not. That is the gift of Christ to us, for He has been there too and knows the power of indescribable agony that tries to separate us from life itself and the recognition of God with us.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

We never got to the end of the song - a song on the mountain dulcimer


This new song, which is played from the heart, was written by Greg after the unexpected loss of a very dear, old friend. 

The gift of creativity burns in him and he is multi-talented having taught himself, acoustic, electric and bass guitar as well as the exquisite Dulcimer. He brings his own individual  Celtic style to all he does. He writes his own songs and music. 

Music  pours out of him, a wonderful gift from God, that flows from him like the living water, creating a river of videos and songs, without end.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021


Stillness is how we survive, finding moments of stillness 

together. Finding hope in the stillness together. 

Hope to carry on, hope to reach out in kindness and keep 

growing together. Hope of finding a clear safe pathway ahead.

 Stillness leads us to awareness of ourselves, to awareness of the 

beauty that surrounds us and to awareness of God with us.

 Stillness is a blessing, if we can find that stillness inside our 

selves that is alive with life , that lights up who we are for us to 

see and know and ultimately so that others might see and know 

the truth of who we are, for we are love.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

When we struggle to forgive.....

When we struggle to forgive, let us turn to God to help us.

When forgiveness does not feel possible,

For whatever reason,

May it be

That all Mercy is received,

Wrapping all hurt 

in an abundance of Peace and Love,

Beyond our own capability,

Bringing much needed healing

To our hearts and those who hurt us.


Monday, 10 May 2021

How I learned to Code and built a Cathedral

 I am delighted to share the good news that Greg had an article published in The Faith Companion, in the May/ June Edition, called How I learned to Code and Built a Cathedral. This is his second article for the Faith Companion. It is a witness to how to learn and grow through tremendous ongoing suffering and the joy of creating two websites in the middle of a chaotic, pain-filled life.

There is also a beautiful review of Light for the World, a book published by Kevin Mayhew on the Rosary, including inspirational prayers and meditations on the new Mysteries of Light.

Animated prayer for Forgiveness


Here is an animated prayer for forgiveness. May it bless
your day.

Monday, 3 May 2021

A prayer for a difficult day


Oh Lord, guide me and lead me on

Bring me clarity and a way forward

Help me trust in my days

Knowing that You are with me

Bringing warmth and healing

To my broken heart, 

My tormented body

And my battered sense of self.



  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen