Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Blessing for those no longer with us

A blessing is a sprinkling of love. It lifts, transforms, heals, changes the energy, lightens our spirits. It us utterly of God. We are the messenger, God’s is the Power.

We bless the people we have loved
No longer in the world
We hold each treasured memory up
For grace to bless and bind with love
We remember them with heart-felt sorrow
That they are no longer here
We bless each precious moment that they lived
And rejoice for all they were
The good, the bad, the sad, the hopeful
May their song sing out a blessing here
May they find  peace beyond this life
May they comfort us, ever near
In thought and word
And heart-filled treasures
Of kindnesses along the way
Or special moments of inspiration:
A blessing for that day.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Bereavement : this is not the end. A new song.

I wrote this song after my Mum's recent death; it affirms how death is not the end. Love goes on.
Grief is a long journey. It is also a great teacher, especially when you hold your pain in God’s Grace and ask for His guidance and His love at such a painful time.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

We reflect on what it means to call upon the Holy Spirit.

And so, we ask, what does it mean to be anointed with the Love of the Holy Spirit?

It surely means to be touched by the fire, the passion, the Spirit of God Himself. To feel awakened to the light and the truth of God with us, moving, powerful, awesomely, flowing in action. It is a blessing and a command to go out and Love in its fullest spiritual sense. It is to see the blessing of each day, filled with the Holiness of God’s Spirit. Amen

Fear of death

Death can bring up fear, both for the person dying and those who will be left behind. 
Is God really with us? 
Will they be able to cope without the other person. 

What does the future hold?
Let go of all fear, all negativity, all hurt, now. 
Give it to the Lord, so that you can rest; peaceful, free. Ultimately death is a mystery. We require trust, faith and confidence in God to sustain and strengthen us, to love and save us.

I banish all fear in Jesus Christ’s name.
In Him do I trust, with all my heart.

Lord, help us not to fear death
But rather trust in Your love for us
That lifts us, through Grace, into the Heart of Love
And oneness, forever with the Trinity. 

Sunday, 5 July 2020

A prayer for healing when the need is great

When the need is great, the trust in God is perfect.

Lord I ask you now
To save my friend/ partner/parent/child
I ask you to lay hands upon her/him
I ask you now to completely restore her/him.
I ask you now to banish all that assails her/him
I ask you now to be with her/him as I pray
I ask you to restore her/him now to full health.
Her/his need is great.
I trust in the promises you have made us.
I trust in the healing power of your love.
I trust in miracles.
I ask for a miracle of healing now.
I place my trust in you
Hold my friend/partner/parent/child now.
Heal my friend/partner/parent/child now.
Help my friend/partner/parent/child feel your loving touch now.
Restore my friend/partner/parent/child absolutely now
By the power of the Holy Spirit.
With the Love of the Father.
In the Name of Jesus Christ.
I call upon the Trinity now.
I ask in absolute faith that you hear me now
And answer me totally.


  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen