Sunday, 5 July 2020

A prayer for healing when the need is great

When the need is great, the trust in God is perfect.

Lord I ask you now
To save my friend/ partner/parent/child
I ask you to lay hands upon her/him
I ask you now to completely restore her/him.
I ask you now to banish all that assails her/him
I ask you now to be with her/him as I pray
I ask you to restore her/him now to full health.
Her/his need is great.
I trust in the promises you have made us.
I trust in the healing power of your love.
I trust in miracles.
I ask for a miracle of healing now.
I place my trust in you
Hold my friend/partner/parent/child now.
Heal my friend/partner/parent/child now.
Help my friend/partner/parent/child feel your loving touch now.
Restore my friend/partner/parent/child absolutely now
By the power of the Holy Spirit.
With the Love of the Father.
In the Name of Jesus Christ.
I call upon the Trinity now.
I ask in absolute faith that you hear me now
And answer me totally.

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