Monday, 18 October 2021

Do not be afraid

‘ Do not be afraid’, he tells us, therefore I cling to him when fear comes knocking at my door. I banish it in Jesus name. I ask for Hope and Wisdom, a clear sight to discern the correct path, confidence in Him who has not failed me. 

May this day be blessed with love, light, peace, truth and goodness. Amen

Sunday, 17 October 2021

The Way is Lined with Love

I ask about the future.  This is what God tells me. 

‘ The Way is Lined with Love.’

So this is what I believe and hold on to, for I Trust in His Word and it has led me thus far.

Therefore when I am uncertain, fearful or hopeless I look to Him and see that He is near and holding me 

in Love.

And that Love I know is a sure path and a true path 

and is Lit by the Light of Life.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

When our need is great we believe that His response it total, His loving Presence ever-with-us. This must be so for it was and is and ever shall be His promise. 

Today I need hope. 

Today I need blessings in abundance. 

Today I need a promise of a better tomorrow. 

Today I need things to go absolutely right for me.

I place myself in the Heart of Love and ask for Wisdom, Protection, Guidance and Light to shine a sure path for us. 

Today I trust in the Lord that He will fulfill His promises. 


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