Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Lent Day 16


Christ leads us on a path of transformation, hope and forgiveness, that we call the Holy Way. It is here He calls to us to meet with Him and thus be transfigured; to be radiant with His Light. Here, we have to acknowledge all of ourselves and learn to hold our whole selves up before the Lord, for His Beautiful Light to touch and heal us and enable us to grow more beautiful too.

For to follow Christ is to let His Light shine in us and to see our own intrinsic goodness. It is to let His Love and Mercy fully into all the parts of ourselves, even those we we may not like as much as others. This brings much needed healing and comfort to all of us, that we may shine brighter in the World.

When Christ is with us, all can be transformed into goodness. We find that Mercy is not only possible, but that it is a reality.

Christ blesses us and renews us all, so that we can look upon ourselves and the world anew, with kindness, love and tender hope as our banner. Praise God indeed.

Let us pray for light and goodness to bless and transform us. Let us pray to see the goodness and truth in ourselves.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Lent Day 15

 Again and again we return to the Truth of God, that He is Love; the emphasis here is on truth and trust.

Only by placing our trust in the living God can we know with all certainty that we are safe and sound, because we are loved.

Those who know God know that they are loved and joy abounds in them. Praise then comes naturally, because as we focus on Truth and feel God's loving Presence, so we give feel an urge to give thanks and praise for all good things that flow to us. We are lifted into His Light and spiritually see things more clearly. We receive His gifts of Discernment and Wisdom, to help us know what is True and what is false.

And as we grow in our relationship of trust in God, so we grow in Love in our lives and are blessed by that Love. We become more able to love and see rightly the path ahead. We rely on God’s goodness and find that He strengthens and blesses us in all circumstances.

Lord in you we trust
Help us grow strong in your Love
and always follow the path 
of Truth that will lead us wisely on. Amen


Lent Day 14

 We need to pray when we feel spiritually attacked or are desperately struggling with ourselves or our circumstances; when God feels far away. 

We can pray at these times that we will not desert God, because we might wrongly feel that He has abandoned us. We trust that, no matter how far away we might feel from His goodness and His Light, we do not make the choice to let go of our own goodness, nor to let go of God who is Love. For to lose touch with God’s Presence, would be unimaginably hard.

That is why we need to be aware of fearful thoughts that may direct us away from the Truth and Life that God brings us. In moments of despair, we might shut God out, thinking He is not listening, perhaps or not doing enough to help us or others. In these circumstances it can even seem like God has abandoned us. Yet if we hope, if we listen, if we trust in the still small Voice of God, so it can speak to us and strengthen us in the most dire of moments.

Therefore let us pray, during every trial, to be delivered from evil. This is the meaning and the promise of the Lord’s prayer. Christ is with us in every trauma, in every depth of despair, in every difficulty and challenge, to bring us safe passage through and always back to God the Father. This is why Christ came, that we would not be abandoned even if the way felt impossible. 

Christ lights the darkness and takes fear and unlove away, with the truth of His being. He fulfills the Law, He brings Love and Compassion, Mercy and Goodness to the fore. He says I will not abandon you, seek me. 

So let us always remember to seek for Him in every circumstance of our lives. 

Let us then call out to God, so that
in our desperate need, we do not feel so
overwhelmed that we abandon
His path of Love: for He is with us. Amen.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Lent Day 13

 Praise and thanksgiving are essential in our spiritual life. Praise and thanksgiving bring us closer to God. They lift us into joy and they help us to focus on God’s goodness and His power. 

They are especially helpful when things are not going well, as well as when we are grateful or just want to acknowledge the wonder of God in our life. 

Praising aloud can take many forms, we may praise in tongues and in song or prayer. Praise always takes us away from our small selves to the bounty of God. Singing praise lifts us nearer to God, nearer to heaven and brings us closer to His angels who sing songs of love and praise and are constantly in God’s presence. Shouting aloud our thanks and our praise lifts us up. We feel lighter, happier, joyful, restored and strengthened knowing God is with us. 

It is good to give thanks for all the many blessings of the day, blessings that come from God in our lives. When we start thanking God we discover more and more how much we have to thank Him for. We appreciate alll the things we take for granted, we see God working in ways we may not have been presently aware of. 

Prayer of praise and thanksgiving then is always a wonderful thing in our lives because we find spiritual cleansing, upliftment, renewal. We come close to God and see things more clearly. We become more aware of how much love there is available to us. In every moment how much we are loved and how amazing it is that God does love us. 

Praise God indeed for 
all the many wonders He works in our midst.
Praise and thank God indeed !
Amen .

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Lent Day 12


How do we make ourselves holy? 

This is the question? 

Perhaps we are made holy through our relationship with God. As we grow in right understanding with Him so we find healing and love filtering into all the places that feel unholy within us. 

Perhaps we are ashamed to come to God, perhaps guilt is persecuting us over past actions or wrong thoughts. Asking for healing, asking for forgiveness, asking for God to lead and guide us, these are some of the ways we can hopefully make ourselves holy - by listening out for God, by hearing His Word, by asking for mercy and being merciful in turn. 

We must not forget that we cannot make ourselves holy in the absence of God in our lives, because Holiness is of God. 

This then seems a call to acknowledge God in our lives and to move towards Him, to not be afraid or ashamed, but to remember that God is good and His love knows no bounds. A call to holiness then is perhaps a call to love - to love and be loved. To say yes to God and then to trust that your life will be blessed and become holy as you journey with Him. 

This then is the call for Lent.
Let us journey together with God.
Let us take a step closer.
Let our lives be filled with holiness
which flows from the love of God 
who is with us.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Lent Day 11


It is incredibly reassuring to think that nothing is impossible to God, for with God all things are possible. It helps us to see that we need God, for He brings us to life. 
Ezekiel 37, reminds us of the Power of God to breathe new life in to us. Whatever part of ourselves feels old and dried up, dead and without life, that part can be touched by God, breathed into and brought to life again. We must therefore be encouraged, especially if we struggle with aspects of ourselves that seem not to be alive with the spirit; parts of ourselves that cannot find joy, feel unable to serve God, lack the energy to grow and change.

We must remind ourselves that God is our life and our strength and we can rely on Him to bring about newness of life and energy. We hold on to the hope that He can and will renew us with His Spirit. 

And when we feel fully alive, we will be utterly alive with God’s Spirit, joy indeed. And what will we not be able to do then? 

Therefore this is a message of hope and joy, a call to renewal in the life of God. 

Let us sing, dance and shout praise for the power and possibility 
God brings to us. 
Let us be renewed in His Spirit
and serve Him anew. Amen

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Lent Day 10

 Lent can be a time of great difficulty and struggle, when things often seem to go wrong for us. It can feel like a real assault. It is important then, at such times, to turn to God and implore His help. Fear can often mask the way to God. Fear can make us feel very small, helpless and alone. It is at such times that we must remember God’s promise to be with us and save us. He gave us our own special prayer to pray; the prayer of the Our Father. 

Never forget also, the angels and Archangels. We have our own special Guardian Angels to protect and guide us, give us safe passage through the world. The Archangel Michael is a powerful protector and one who can help us and save us, through God’s good grace. 

Then we can know that we are never alone; that God will deliver us from all evil and His Light and goodness shine through every difficulty and nothing can stop this. 

We can give praise and glory to God for every outcome held in love. This is God’s victory that He sent His only begotten son to triumph over all evil. Therefore if we stay close to Him we are safe and we are secure. 

Let us remember God’s goodness
Let us remember we are safe
because we are held in His Power and His Love and Christ has triumphed for ever and ever against all that is evil. Amen.

Lent Day 16

                                          Christ leads us on a path of transformation, hope and forgiveness, that we call the Holy Way. It i...