Saturday, 28 November 2020

Put out into the deep, dear friend


Put out into the Deep, dear friend

Put out into the deep dear friend.

Put out deep and trust in the Lord

Immerse yourself in His Spirit

For you will then travel a new path,

You will find a new way,

Abundant with Love

Guided by Truth

Inspired by His Wisdom,

For, He says,

My Way is always Light.

My way is always True.

My Way is always Love

And above all, My Way is filled with Mercy.

Therefore feel safe as you journey.

Be of good peace in your heart.

Trust in that which is yet to come.

Be filled with compassion for each other.

My Love knows no bounds.

Remember that I am always with you

And thus, you cannot fail to find me.

So put out into the depth of your own heart, dear friend

And Know that I am with you.


Friday, 27 November 2020

Have Confidence in the Lord


Have confidence in the Lord,

For He is very near.

Grace touches each day.

Grace touches each hour.

Grace touches each minute.

Grace touches each moment.

Turn towards love then

And receive all the comfort

The Lord brings to you.


Sunday, 22 November 2020

A Smile

A Smile

There is nothing so lovely as to see a happy smile, especially if that
smile is on a happy person and even more especially if that person
happens to be your own beloved husband.

Because every smile is

A smile touches your heart. A smile brightens the day. A smile is God’s
secret gift to the world, because when you see a smile, you feel joy
and that joy brings great freedom in that moment. Even if you feel a
little down ( or a lot), then a smile can touch your heart and the
world can seem suddenly brighter.
  There are so many different smiles; there is the smile that says I
love you, the smile that says I am shy, the smile that says ‘oh, you
have seen me!’ and there is the smile that comes from your boots right
up to your ears, the smile of a person who has achieved something big,
who has, through skill and determination, made something happen that
will make a difference in potentially thousands of people’s lives.
  The happiness that comes from genuinely reaching out to others, is
indescribable, for it is lifted by the Spirit into the Heart of Love
and blesses the whole world.
  It is a smile that greets me every day. This is the smile that says
everything is ok. This is the smile that won my heart.

Friday, 6 November 2020

Blessed Anniversary

 I am very proud to announce our Wedding Anniversary. Like every single day, it will probably be one of moments, in between the torment, agony, paralysis, hypersensitivity and pain.

One of the great teachings, world wide, in every culture, is the importance of descent, of going through suffering and being transformed and transfigured. Certainly for Linda that has been her path and mine too, to a lesser extent.
Unknown, isolated, for decades, yet brimming with light, insight, knowing, love, Linda has gained a level of spiritual awareness that only the broken can realise.
I am hugely blessed to be on this journey with her. But where does the time go? They pass far too quickly these precious, precious years.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

On the Peace that Passes Beyond All understanding

 My experience of God is not one that is found through the prism of life in all its business, interaction or out and about through fellowship in the community, for my life is one of isolation and separation, simply to survive. My experience, then, is one, rather, of silence, withdrawal, limitation, inability, pain, negation and indescribable agony, going on decades. It is one of necessary silence and enforced stillness, brought about by continual, unpredictable, repeated brutalising paralysis and pain so vast that its intensity is unimaginable and its continuity over so many many years, flabbergasting.

 Into this life, my God has come, gentle, bright, warm, present, compassionate, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting. His peace, truly not of this world, is the gift He brings. A peace that flows around, between, within each painful moment and infills all my being with His Love. It is vast, ever flowing, gentle yet strong, here yet there and everywhere at once. 

  It becalms me. It strengthens my heart and keeps me safe. It blesses me in its tenderness. It encourages my faith and knowledge. It keeps me in the present moment, rather than in the loss of the past or the fear or longing of the future. 

  It stills me in my distress. It is golden and resonates with beauty. It is all that sustains me through every moments trial and bodily torment.

When I lose awareness of it, I am battered. When I find it, it is everything, for it lives in me and I become one with God in it and He is ever-present in me.


Tuesday, 13 October 2020

More prayers

 Help us to hold on to you, Lord

Through all our trials and difficulties

Help us remember that you are always with us

And never abandon us.


Be our Light to guide us, Lord

Whenever we feel lost

Wherever the way is unclear

Shine in our hearts to keep us safe


Thursday, 8 October 2020

Prayer of a Silent Man

 My wife was in such incredible pain in her knee that sleep was impossible. Out of that distress and feeling of helplessness to alleviate it, came this song, which is my prayer to God for His help.

Put out into the deep, dear friend

  Put out into the Deep, dear friend Put out into the deep dear friend. Put out deep and trust in the Lord Immerse yourself in His Spirit Fo...