Monday 20 May 2024

Praying for miracles


In lifting others up to the Love of God, all things feel possible - all love is given back. Prayer then is two-way; we too are blessed by our compassion and love for others. We too are held in His Grace, in that connection with Divine Love. In praying, we are touched by His Love. In holding others in His Love, we too are held. 

There is such love then and intimacy in prayer, which  is pure relationship with God. No wonder we are asked to ‘pray without ceasing’. For this is where miracles happen and joy is complete.

And so we ask for miracles, no matter how bleak things seem, in faith that we shall receive them in abundance.

We pray for healing

We ask in hope

We beg for a miracle,

Knowing You provide.

We trust You will hear and answer




Lord, we ask for miracles,

Knowing miracles will be sent.

Lord, we ask for Your healing Power 

To come upon us mightily,

Trusting it is so!


Saturday 18 May 2024

Pentecost is here!

The Spirit is with us.

We are filled with His energy.

We are filled with Love.

We are given great Wisdom

And confidence in the Love of God, here-with-us

There is no separation.

May we be inspired each day to live in this truth.

May we find healing, hope and miracles

Abound in all we see and do,

May every hurt be comforted.

May everyone feel restored.

May life take on new energy.

May healing come to you

Flowing straight from the Heart of God.


The Good Shepherd


Jesus says He is the good shepherd. He lays down His life for His sheep. This is another example of how each reading of the gospel illustrates the Passion yet to come and points to the cross. He knows his sheep as they know Him is greatly comforting. This bond of love and knowing brings safety and security from wrong teaching or ideology. For those who know God can recognise what comes from Him truly and what does not. This is discernment of the highest order.

On the Cross


Those who suffer agonies, watching, caring, helpless to help those who are suffering without relent, may seem to stand at the foot of the cross lovingly caring but impotent to act but their hearts too are on the cross with Christ.

Those who are in intense untreatable suffering in my view are all on the cross with Christ. They enter into His pain as He enters into theirs with silent compassion and a heart full of love and mercy.
We are all touched by Christ on the Cross. In our suffering we are all immersed in the Cross. Everyone was touched by love from that moment.  For all time. There is no separation between us and God.

Tuesday 14 May 2024



When suffering is immense, look for any choices that can save you and help you endure. Look for them and make them, if you can. God will always help you.

But if not, then throw yourself on God's mercy and His love, immerse yourself in the Heart of Love, the awesome, mighty Trinity and there place your awareness, that the suffering you are forced to endure, which may be or become totally intolerable, unbearable, tormenting, tortuous, deeply disturbing, not destroy or despair you. 

This then is what we pray for, to be given strength in utter weakness, to receive light in the darkness of moments, to accept hope in the desert of despair, to be touched with love in the secret, hidden depths within us, that are in desperate need for comfort, to feel known, seen, heard, cared for in Spirit and in life, to receive multi-layered healing, to find new awareness, possible paths to move forward, to break stuckness, limitation, lostness and feel found in the centre of your being, by God Himself and all who know Him, to cope and still endure the unendurable, for love lives with us. 


Sunday 12 May 2024

Spirit poem for the coming of Pentecost


Spirit in action


flows like the wind

dances like fire


encompasses all in

the Light of the World


whispers of freedom

sings wildly of Passion


brings Power and Wisdom

to all those who hope


Spirit is action

and Spirit is Fire


Spirit is Freedom

and Spirit is here


Spirit flows like a fountain

cleansing all in its Pathway


unstoppable Spirit

the Spirit of Love.


Spirit is Joy

and Spirit is knowing


Spirit is wonder

and awe at the sight


Spirit brings Peace

and a Joy never-ending


in a dance of forever

Spirit brings us to Light


Spirit is Tender

and Spirit is water


Spirit is weeping

and Spirit is Prayer


Spirit brings Love

to the heart of creation


Spirit is gentle

and tenderly there


Bringing all in its pathway

to once hidden places


Setting Light to our hearts

bringing Hope to despair


Blessing all as it passes

it moves like a windswell


breathing Life in our spirits

bringing all now to Truth.


For Spirit is God

and is there at the centre


and Spirit is Love

and holds all for all time


and the Peace that God brings

is the Peace of forever


and the healing that blesses

brings Life to us all.


Oh Come, hear our call.

Saturday 11 May 2024



How pure is the love of God

When you open your heart

Without fear or trepidation

And find yourself at home in the Oneness of Love!


Praying for miracles

  In lifting others up to the Love of God, all things feel possible - all love is given back. Prayer then is two-way; we too are blessed by ...