Monday, 18 October 2021

Do not be afraid

‘ Do not be afraid’, he tells us, therefore I cling to him when fear comes knocking at my door. I banish it in Jesus name. I ask for Hope and Wisdom, a clear sight to discern the correct path, confidence in Him who has not failed me. 

May this day be blessed with love, light, peace, truth and goodness. Amen

Sunday, 17 October 2021

The Way is Lined with Love

I ask about the future.  This is what God tells me. 

‘ The Way is Lined with Love.’

So this is what I believe and hold on to, for I Trust in His Word and it has led me thus far.

Therefore when I am uncertain, fearful or hopeless I look to Him and see that He is near and holding me 

in Love.

And that Love I know is a sure path and a true path 

and is Lit by the Light of Life.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

When our need is great we believe that His response it total, His loving Presence ever-with-us. This must be so for it was and is and ever shall be His promise. 

Today I need hope. 

Today I need blessings in abundance. 

Today I need a promise of a better tomorrow. 

Today I need things to go absolutely right for me.

I place myself in the Heart of Love and ask for Wisdom, Protection, Guidance and Light to shine a sure path for us. 

Today I trust in the Lord that He will fulfill His promises. 


Thursday, 30 September 2021

Excerpt from article, ‘Take Up Your Cross’.

 ‘For to pick up your cross and follow Christ means to flow in the love of God which pours out from the Passion. The cross symbolises unbearable pain, the path we walk is a path to Calvary and ultimately leads to a place of death. This is often where people stop in their journey and understanding of Christ’s meaning. Take pain upon yourself deliberately, rather than endure the cross you are given by living with it, in love. For we must not forget the transformative hope, the transfigurative moment, the all-empowering, embracing arms of love that gather and hold us and lift us into the very real heart of the Trinity; the Heart of Love.

The power and the hope that flow in this heart of Mercy change our lives forever more. It is this entering into the truth of the cross and the truth of the love, the mercy, the healing, the redemption of all that is not of God, which ultimately Christ asks us to do, that we may be free to live, to sing, to dance in wonder at the life freely given, for to enter on this path is to enter into the freedom of forgiveness, the blessing of the Father and the empowerment of the Spirit, to live our lives as God fully intended, despite our suffering. 

Living in the freedom of the Spirit means that we will find a new way to embrace each moment of chaos and confusion, fear and stuckness, agony even, with a new heart, one that is ever blessed with the truth of the power of God. It means entering into the process of life with the immanence of God, here present, with us, through which all things become possible. It is the way to live within the transcendence of God within each immanent moment.’

Friday, 10 September 2021

Newly published article Take Up Your Cross


We are delighted that the Faith Companion has published Linda’s article, in the September/October 2021 edition, on the meaning of  ‘Take Up Your Cross’ .Years of unrelieved suffering underpin these insights. The Faith Companion article can be purchased here:

Saturday, 14 August 2021

A prayer for those grieving


Lord I have no hope right now.

I cannot see the way forward.

I cannot see Your Light before me.

Lord shine now, in my heart.

Shine bright Lord.

Lead me on!

Lead me through.

Help me cope

Every step of the way.

Show me You are close.


Thursday, 12 August 2021

I need….a prayer of hope

 I need to live in the now

I need to bless the past

And let it go

I need to see a future

Full of hope and goodness

Where love resides

And mercy reigns

In my heart and mind

Where peace restores all imbalance

And life has a purpose

And an intrinsic joy of being.


Do not be afraid

‘ Do not be afraid’, he tells us, therefore I cling to him when fear comes knocking at my door. I banish it in Jesus name. I ask for Hope an...