Sunday, 20 September 2020

Bless each marriage

Bless each marriage

Bless each one

Both separately and together

May you feel the blessing of love and caring

That was tenderly bound into your wedding vows

May love reside and grow

May understanding bless you both

May all that flows between you 

Be blessed with kindness

May all that is misunderstood

Be resolved

May all the stresses of the day 

Be wrapped in each others hearts 

Bringing strength and comfort to the other

May problems and anxieties melt away

And be resolved

When held in the Mighty Awesome Trinity

Each of whom bring you a special blessing

A gift to help you both powerfully 

Through times of trouble

And bless you mightily 

In times of joy.

May you always receive good counsel from each other

And when the path ahead is unclear

When illness, grief and difficult problems strike

And there seems to be no answer

May you be blessed by your companionship

To work things out together

Knowing that you are held in the Heart Of Love

Where Miracles, Mercy and Joy overflow

And kindness is available at any time

In all abundance

To sustain you.


Friday, 4 September 2020

Silence - the fullness of God

 Silence is the fullness of God! The word is complete within the silence. All creativity exists here. This is where the unuttered becomes known. It is where what is not yet become, is revealed and arises.

If we listen we can hear in the silence for the silence is not empty, as imagined and perhaps even feared. It is a vast fullness of awe and wonder where life itself and all being originates from. And all things are possible. And even things we do not appear to know can be found here, prompted by the spirit, entered into with the heart wide open, for this is how creation becomes. It already exists in invisible realms that we can only feel and know when we step into the silence and place ourselves in a state of waiting and listening.

Here we find the tunes of the angels dancing in our souls and the messages of God: the Word alive and aloud and very very present in the apparent emptiness of life yet to be created. This is the exciting joy of revelation, bringing new things into being, greater than we can think or imagine sometimes. For all creation emanates from this profound silence where all is full and yet to be revealed.

Do not be daunted by the normal, the habits or the seeming emptiness of life: the future can be full of wonderful things, new ideas, new thoughts, new knowledge, new creation and gifts yet to come, especially when we enter into silence and there find God, in all His awesome mystery and splendour, revealing beauty unimaginable and joy unbidden.

Sometimes it is better to rely not just on what we know, on what is familiar, but ask for new ears to hear the fullness of God’s heart and new eyes to see what is possible and new, yet to come, that we can create ourselves, with inspiration and trust, with new hope and love in our own hearts.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Hear our call - a poem of the Spirit

Spirit in action
 flows like the wind
 dances like fire
 encompasses all in
 the Light of the World
 whispers of freedom
 sings wildly of Passion
 Brings Power and Wisdom
 to all those who hope
 Spirit is action
 and Spirit is Fire
 Spirit is Freedom
 and Spirit is here
 Spirit flows like a fountain
 cleansing all in its Pathway
 unstoppable Spirit
 the Spirit of Love.
 Spirit is Joy
 and Spirit is knowing
 Spirit is wonder
 and Awe at the sight
 Spirit brings Peace
 and a Joy never-ending
 in a dance of forever
 Spirit brings us to Light
 Spirit is Tender
 and Spirit is water
 Spirit is weeping
 and Spirit is Prayer
 Spirit brings Love
 to the heart of creation
 Spirit is gentle
 and tenderly there
 Bringing all in its pathway
 to once hidden places
 Setting Light to our hearts
 bringing Hope to despair
 Blessing all as it passes
 it moves like a windswell
 breathing Life in our spirits
 bringing all now to Truth.
 For Spirit is God
 and is there at the centre
 and Spirit is Love
 and holds all for all time
 and the Peace that God brings
 is the Peace of forever
 and the healing that blesses
 brings Life to us all.
 Oh Love - hear our call 

Saturday, 22 August 2020

A prayer for carers

We ask for a special prayer for carers
that they be renewed and strengthened every day 
and guided in wisdom to know what to do 
and how to help in the best possible way.
We ask that they find consolation and comfort 
in their own struggles and that each day 
will bring them blessings and hope to carry on.
All praise and thanks to God. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Blessing for those no longer with us

A blessing is a sprinkling of love. It lifts, transforms, heals, changes the energy, lightens our spirits. It us utterly of God. We are the messenger, God’s is the Power.

We bless the people we have loved
No longer in the world
We hold each treasured memory up
For grace to bless and bind with love
We remember them with heart-felt sorrow
That they are no longer here
We bless each precious moment that they lived
And rejoice for all they were
The good, the bad, the sad, the hopeful
May their song sing out a blessing here
May they find  peace beyond this life
May they comfort us, ever near
In thought and word
And heart-filled treasures
Of kindnesses along the way
Or special moments of inspiration:
A blessing for that day.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Bereavement : this is not the end. A new song.

I wrote this song after my Mum's recent death; it affirms how death is not the end. Love goes on.
Grief is a long journey. It is also a great teacher, especially when you hold your pain in God’s Grace and ask for His guidance and His love at such a painful time.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

We reflect on what it means to call upon the Holy Spirit.

And so, we ask, what does it mean to be anointed with the Love of the Holy Spirit?

It surely means to be touched by the fire, the passion, the Spirit of God Himself. To feel awakened to the light and the truth of God with us, moving, powerful, awesomely, flowing in action. It is a blessing and a command to go out and Love in its fullest spiritual sense. It is to see the blessing of each day, filled with the Holiness of God’s Spirit. Amen

Bless each marriage

Bless each marriage Bless each one Both separately and together May you feel the blessing of love and caring That was tenderly bound into yo...