Wednesday, 3 August 2022

The Spirit guides me

The  Spirit guides me. 

I follow. 

I flow. 

I dance, 

I trust. 

I do not know the path 

but the Lord knows the rhythm and guides my feet. 

All is blessed here on this Holy ground I tread upon, 

with His love ever present, 

His Spirit shining for me, 

showing me the way to go.

Monday, 1 August 2022


Lord, always lead us with Your radiant Light

That we might be certain of the road ahead.


May we turn to You Lord, in every moment,

May we turn to You Lord, in every moment, 

Whether joyful or sorrowful,

Angry or fearful.

May we always find you waiting 

And feel safe.


Sunday, 31 July 2022

The coming of the Holy Spirit


The coming of the Holy Spirit

When the Spirit came down upon the disciples they were filled with a new power - the power to speak in tongues, the power to heal, the power of miracles even, was given to them. The fruits and gifts of the Spirit were made manifest among the people; Wisdom, Knowledge, Prophecy, Teaching, but  the greatest of all was Love.

What relevance does this out pouring of Spirit have for us today, especially for those who are house and bed bound? We may not be well enough to go out in person to spread the good news, but as Paul says, the greatest gift of the Spirit is the Power of Love. And we all can  and do love in abundance. Love knows no physical boundaries and is present in our contact with God and each other through prayer. Love supports, lifts, restores and heals.

Love comes to us through our friendships and unites us in our prayer. Friendship then, especially spiritual friendship, is a grace from God and how important it is for us to know that when we are too ill or distressed or in need, there is someone there, either on the phone, or via email or letter, or even without direct communication, to know and feel that someone out there is holding us in their heart and praying for us, even though we may never have met physically in the world. 

What greater gift can we give or receive then than this gift of  unconditional love

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Visit us!


We are all connected then by the Power of the Spirit in a spiritual bond of love and through this connection, healing, hope, light, miracles even can be experienced and known. And through the wonder of  love we can ask  the Holy Spirit to bless us and our friends and families and the whole world.

So let us ask the Holy Spirit to visit us all this day and lift us into the heart of Love where we can freely experience all the fruits and gifts of the Spirit that God can give us. And let us use them, in Love, to serve God, however he asks us to and trust that God will hear our prayers and answer them powerfully and wonderfully. For the gift of Love the Holy Spirit brings is truly ‘wonder - ful’. 

May we be filled with the Joy that the Spirit brings and feel the Power on High flowing in to us and blessing our lives and our prayers now and always. Amen!

I am here- a poem


I am in the bitter lands 

Everything here bites me

The sound breaks me open

The light burns me

The movement destroys understanding

Leaving me disoriented and blank

Here I am washed out and emptied

There is no feeling here

Except pain and empty numb being

I am lost again in the twisted ground of paralysis

My body is totally sucked out into nothingness

My sense of myself is lost too

My emotions ride a tsunami

My mind has lost its direction

My body has lost its boundaries

As awareness floats away

And I feel like a swollen melon

Nothing works

Everything feels sick

And I am stuck on the outside

And dissipated on the inside

Waiting for something inexplicable to unpredictably shift

And restore some semblance of movement

And life

Once more.

How can love live in this space, I ask

And yet I hear love answer,

“ I am here with you.” 

Friday, 29 July 2022

Rest in the Spirit

We do not always know what to say, how to pray, what to ask for, whether it is us who is in pain or someone else. 

At these times, remember that the Holy Spirit can and will pray for you and can read your heart and your need. 

It is at these times that we place our trust in the Lord and hope that He will inspire us and bless us in some inconceivable way.

Sometimes there are no words at all. At these times, just rest in the Spirit and feel the Solace of Love comfort you and bathe you in a Peace not of the world, but of God.

When there are no words in my head,

No thoughts in my mind, no idea of what can help me now,

May I turn to you Lord, in loving confidence

Trusting that you will come to my aid

And know exactly what I need to get me through

Even the most challenging of moments. Amen

The Spirit guides me

The  Spirit guides me.  I follow.  I flow.  I dance,  I trust.  I do not know the path  but the Lord knows the rhythm and guides my ...