Friday, 19 February 2021

Lent Day 4


Lent Day 4

How often does God call to us? How often do we pass by and not know that God is calling us personally?

We can live close to God our whole lives and even do His will, even minister to him through our compassion and goodness, yet not necessarily recognise that that is what we are doing. 

We may be good, yet we do not know or realise that the source of that goodness is God. God therefore calls to each of us, bidding us to come closer, to open our spiritual eyes to what He wants to show us, to open our spiritual ears to hear Him speak. He wants us to open our hearts, to come to know him better. He wants us to draw close.

Perhaps we are not open to listening to God directly, yet God speaks to us in many ways, through Bible verse, spiritual direction, prayer answered, other people, a Word of Knowledge. Perhaps we think that He does not speak in a direct fashion, that visions are rare, compared to the days of The Old Testament .

Yet listen, faithfully and openly and you might hear Him call you. You can trust that the voice is of God, for God will always speak the truth. You will learn to feel and know its rightness in your whole being, if it speaks true, for a Word of God is pure love. So listen for His call.

Let your heart respond with joy that he is calling you. And indeed answer with love and faith and all your days will be blessed.

Come listen to God and especially this Lent let us listen intently to his call and draw closer.

For he speaks indeed and calls us by our names.

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