Friday, 19 February 2021

Day 3 of Lent


Lent Day 3

What is  truly amazing and comforting for us, is to know that God has allowed us to draw near, for He has chosen us. How amazing that we, so small and often helpless creatures, are loved by God and chosen to know Him. For we are all chosen, because Christ chooses us, as he affirmed when he said, ‘you did not choose me, no I chose you’ John 15:16

How wonderful it feels to recognise this choosing by God. How precious we must each be to Him!

What strength and reassurance we can gain from this knowledge, for even if we feel not good enough or battered by life or the way ahead seems unclear, we can hold on to that truth that God knows us, loves us and chooses us. As we enter another Lent, we can hold this message in our heart's so that on difficult days and in struggling moments, we can keep this truth alight, somewhere in our hearts and find the hope and blessing it brings us, in order to keep going forward on our own unique holy path.

How powerful a message is that?

We are all bid to come close to God. We all have the gift of life waiting to be received.

What an amazing gift beyond words and joy to know that God consecrates us all by His beloved Son's actions and presence and allows us all to be one with the Father and the Son, through the power of the Trinity.

Let us then step closer to God, to know by God's grace that we are chosen and we are loved.

Praise God indeed.

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