Saturday, 20 February 2021

Lent Day 5


Lent Day 5

We do not need false idols, for we have the true presence of the living God, with us. God has made this very clear. He is our God, eternally present and available. We need nothing else, when we truly walk with God. He makes it a personal relationship that we can find in Him. He offers Himself to us, with open heart. How amazing is that? What more could we possibly want?

It is too easy to turn away from the spiritual, to make the things which seem immanent and important more important than God. Let us learn, then, to maintain our focus on God, to develop our spiritual insight to sense God’s presence here and present with us. This leads us to Trust, to Faith. This leads us to goodness.

Let us then turn to God who says, "I am", as Christ says to His Disciples in the New Testament, because "I am" is with us now and forever, in every moment and leads us all the way to heaven.

May we find peace in our hearts as we turn our thoughts and our contemplation more towards the living God this Lent. Let us reject all false idols and focus our spiritual eyes on the true Presence of the One who is God and who loves us all. Amen.

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