Thursday, 25 February 2021

Lent Day 10

 Lent can be a time of great difficulty and struggle, when things often seem to go wrong for us. It can feel like a real assault. It is important then, at such times, to turn to God and implore His help. Fear can often mask the way to God. Fear can make us feel very small, helpless and alone. It is at such times that we must remember God’s promise to be with us and save us. He gave us our own special prayer to pray; the prayer of the Our Father. 

Never forget also, the angels and Archangels. We have our own special Guardian Angels to protect and guide us, give us safe passage through the world. The Archangel Michael is a powerful protector and one who can help us and save us, through God’s good grace. 

Then we can know that we are never alone; that God will deliver us from all evil and His Light and goodness shine through every difficulty and nothing can stop this. 

We can give praise and glory to God for every outcome held in love. This is God’s victory that He sent His only begotten son to triumph over all evil. Therefore if we stay close to Him we are safe and we are secure. 

Let us remember God’s goodness
Let us remember we are safe
because we are held in His Power and His Love and Christ has triumphed for ever and ever against all that is evil. Amen.

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