Friday, 26 February 2021

Lent Day 11


It is incredibly reassuring to think that nothing is impossible to God, for with God all things are possible. It helps us to see that we need God, for He brings us to life. 
Ezekiel 37, reminds us of the Power of God to breathe new life in to us. Whatever part of ourselves feels old and dried up, dead and without life, that part can be touched by God, breathed into and brought to life again. We must therefore be encouraged, especially if we struggle with aspects of ourselves that seem not to be alive with the spirit; parts of ourselves that cannot find joy, feel unable to serve God, lack the energy to grow and change.

We must remind ourselves that God is our life and our strength and we can rely on Him to bring about newness of life and energy. We hold on to the hope that He can and will renew us with His Spirit. 

And when we feel fully alive, we will be utterly alive with God’s Spirit, joy indeed. And what will we not be able to do then? 

Therefore this is a message of hope and joy, a call to renewal in the life of God. 

Let us sing, dance and shout praise for the power and possibility 
God brings to us. 
Let us be renewed in His Spirit
and serve Him anew. Amen

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