Monday, 15 February 2021

I ask for Wisdom

I ask for wisdom and knowledge, gifts of the Spirit to help me know the Truth in all aspects of my life :

Truth that is radiant

Truth that is pure

Truth that brings hope

Truth that brings joy

This is what I ask today. That I can see and know the truth of things both of the world and spiritually; between the relative truth of things and His Absolute Truth and the wisdom to discern the difference.

Truth is knowing God. God brings us to a place of clear sight. He helps us to feel the goodness that emanates from Truth. He asks us to live in a more congruent way through the validity of truth. He helps us to speak the truth, to stand up for Truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable. In truth to live without it , is a far more uncomfortable, unpleasant place to be.

I ask to shine the Truth today and to speak out. I ask to flow in all goodness that emanates from this knowledge and to be strengthened by my stand.

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