Monday, 15 February 2021

 Spiritual Refiections: Living the Holy Way through Lent

We hope to publish reflections through Lent, starting with Shrove Tuesday.

Entering into Lent: Shrove Tuesday

Lent is a time where God bids us look at our relationship with Him. It is easy to talk about God, to say His name and to appear to observe ritual and obey God’s law.....

....yet Lent is a time to truly examine our hearts, to see how much we have really allowed Christ to enter within, whether we have allowed love to fully take seed and grow in us; whether our practice is congruent and true to the living Light of the World or whether we pay more lip service to God’s Word, than being fully alive in the love of the Awesome Mighty Trinity?

This is a time when we can reflect upon how closely we have allowed Jesus to be with us, in our daily lives? Have we let Him in? Can we let Him come closer and do we dare to take the risk of being truly seen. Are we afraid that He might find us wanting, sometimes petty, shallow, insincere or ineffective, grieving, angry, hurt, despairing, fearful or lost in self-importance?

Yet if we dare to take another step toward Him, even if we are not as perfect as we would like to be and even if He finds these things hidden within us, yet still He will make His home with us and He will let His light shine on the truth of our loveliness. For He has told us so and that that is the truth at the centre of our being; we are lovely, for He has made us so and His light will shine on all hurt and all untruth within us and without us, until it is vanished and love alone remains.

Then our worship will be true and then we too will shine in the world for Him, for He will be close indeed and nothing will separate us from that Love. Joy indeed. Praise God for the journey of Lent.

Let us dare to look and see the Truth, that we are loved by Him and we are lovely! Amen

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