Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Peace, the Hidden Secret

Peace within tremendous suffering seems like a platitude, seems impossible, seems crazy even. Yet peace is attainable even within the bleakest places, incredibly and counter-intuitively.
It is unimaginable, the physical suffering that my wife has had to bear decade on decade and yet, God with her, touches a different level of being, immerses her in a different level that few may reach or know.
In total burning pain and unable to move for hours on end, trapped in a very darkened, tiny space inside herself, unable to speak or call out or move, yet still she can and does, miraculously reside in peace and blessing,  holding her together when all that is screaming in her body would break her apart.
This is the invisible secret, hidden gift of Peace not of the world, that our Lord promised we would have.
We hope and trust and believe that this too was possible for Him on the Cross, held by the Love of the father, empowered and touched by the Spirit, invisible to outside eyes who only see the agony and despair.

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