Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Answered Prayer

Sometimes we feel that God does not hear us, that he does not give us what we want, that he does not answer our prayers as we would will.
When God does not not seem to hear us, to respond in the ways we ask, let us turn to wisdom and knowledge, let us look for guidance to understand the nature of His gifts and response. Let us perhaps look for a wider perspective.
Let us listen for His voice in the silence of our being. Let us knock, seek and ask for insight to be given and to come closer to God, that we might flow in His power and do His will more perfectly.
Let us ask for discernment to see and feel exactly how he has heard and answered us.
For we truly believe that every prayer is heard and answered, every moment we pray is a connection with the Heart of Love and when we enter fully without fear, who knows how God will respond?
Let us not limit Him with our own small, shuttered vision, but ask for His Glory to be upon us, to be messengers of faith, to trust in His love and His Power to transform our lives and those of whom we pray for, especially our enemies and those who have hurt us! Amen
Sometimes our prayer is desperate, it may only be a single thought. Even that, may not be possible, yet the Trinity is with us and we are intimately known and loved by the One who is love.
When our need is absolute God’s response, we do believe, is total.
And we have had many desperate prayers answered, even in the depth of tremendous, indescribable suffering, whether it be with a moment’s peace, an unexpected gift or message of love, a relief from pain, the presence of beauty, a healing of relationship, unexpected much needed help, just feeling the presence of love with us and banishing hopelessness as well as the more overt responses like a shoulder suddenly freed of pain, a life saved, miraculously, a definite prayer request answered, even a seemingly impossible request.
We have known all of these, but even when we have prayed and prayed for the lives of loved ones who are dying, yet still it was their time, all that outpouring of love has been received, all that immersion in prayer has been a blessing and there have been mercies and miracles and the greatest outpouring of love and comfort in the desert of grief. For  God is always near and loves each one of us and knows our need. Amen!
When our need is absolute
Your response is total, Lord.
For this we trust and thank you!

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