Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Mercy, the Width of a Soul

May all mercy be received.
We cannot always forgive, but we can always show mercy. Mercy flows to us freely from the Heart of love. Mercy touches and heals all our brokenness. Mercy flows in where forgiveness has not manifested or been accepted and blesses, comforts, consoles, restores us all.
It is the height of spiritual attainment.
It is the depth of spiritual blessing.
It is the width of a person’s soul.
For to know God is to find Mercy and to receive God is to accept love into all your being and that enables your soul to shine and touch the oneness and wonder of God and in opening up in such a perfect way, to enter fully into the glory and goodness of Mercy that flows forever from the Trinity.
Receiving Mercy is the purest blessing.
It is all.

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