Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Lent Day 16


Christ leads us on a path of transformation, hope and forgiveness, that we call the Holy Way. It is here He calls to us to meet with Him and thus be transfigured; to be radiant with His Light. Here, we have to acknowledge all of ourselves and learn to hold our whole selves up before the Lord, for His Beautiful Light to touch and heal us and enable us to grow more beautiful too.

For to follow Christ is to let His Light shine in us and to see our own intrinsic goodness. It is to let His Love and Mercy fully into all the parts of ourselves, even those we we may not like as much as others. This brings much needed healing and comfort to all of us, that we may shine brighter in the World.

When Christ is with us, all can be transformed into goodness. We find that Mercy is not only possible, but that it is a reality.

Christ blesses us and renews us all, so that we can look upon ourselves and the world anew, with kindness, love and tender hope as our banner. Praise God indeed.

Let us pray for light and goodness to bless and transform us. Let us pray to see the goodness and truth in ourselves.

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