Sunday, 21 November 2021


 How to Bless

To start blessing, take a look around and bless what you see, immediately in front of you.

If you are outside, bless what you see

If you are inside, bless the room, bless any animal or person in the room with you.

Think about the people who have lived there before you or visited or passed through or passed by in car or plane or on bicycle or foot. Bless each one.

Bless not only the room but the house and its foundations, its roof, its floors, bless the builders who built it, bless all the energy around you; the air, the sky, the fields, the other houses, then expand your awareness outwards and bless the neighbours, the people who pass by.

Bless the people in need, the wounded, the hurting, the injured, the sick, the angry, the affronted, the lost, the ignorant.

Bless all people whose lives have been stolen from them, through illness, through relationship difficulties, through poverty.

Bless the perpetrators of harm, not because they deserve it, but because they need it. Bless your enemies, bless the wrong as well as the good, so that all can be lifted into the Heart of Love, the Mighty Trinity and feel the Love, the Light, the Mercy therein, touch them, change their energy, lift them, restore right balance.

Bless the gardens, the earth, nature, the creatures that live in your space, the birds that come to your garden or fly over your home, expanding your view, till it incorporates your village or town, your county, your country, the whole world.

Bless the moon, the planets and the stars. Bless time and space itself.

May all things be blessed and as you bless others so the blessing comes back and touches you too.

There is no set way of blessing. Bless who or what comes to mind. Feel the blessing flowing through you. Be lifted into the Heart of Love as you bless others. Find your own renewal in blessing others and find a greater appreciation of the connectedness of all.

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