Thursday, 22 April 2021

Calling Upon The Spirit

The Spirit is pure Love in Action; a real Power in the world. 

How can the Spirit protect us? The Spirit brings gifts that aid us, so that we can act wisely, discern truly, to help us make right decisions. The Spirit is the Messenger of God. Let us listen for the messages the Spirit brings that will help keep us safe as we walk a Holy path with God. 

The Spirit brings healing on multiple levels; healing of mind, healing of body, healing of emotion, healing of spirit. And when the way ahead feels impossible, when hope is waining, the Spirit brings miracles unexpected, that can save us. 

The energy of Love, uplifts us, carries us forward and energises us, empowers us with confidence. Praying in the Power of the Spirit, comforts, strengthens, renews and brings spiritual protection, especially when we pray the Our Father, the prayer of the Son to the Father, reflecting His own greatest need for protection for the path ahead: His Passion and death, which leads on to renewal, Resurrection and Life eternal. 

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