Monday, 22 February 2021

Day 7


When things are difficult it is a great help to praise and worship God because it helps us remember His power and His faithfulnesss to us. 

It is wonderful to remember always that none is more powerful than God, therefore evil cannot triumph. When evil threatens us we need to call on God’s Holy Name to remind us of His Truth and to know that the power of Goodness is triumphant. This is fulfilled in the Gospels by the coming of Christ when He takes all sin upon Himself and even death itself and holds it all in His love and mercy that all may be saved and have life. Praise God indeed. 

It is clear that God’s will is to save and save He will when we call upon Him especially in faith and trust. 

God’s will is always love and mercy. What a comfort that His will is always to save each one of us. What a comfort to envision the Good Shepherd who saves all His sheep and will not leave one to stray without going after it to save it. 

Always again and again, we see the amazing way Jesus Christ fulfils the message of the Old Testament by a more personal way - the way of the Son of Man. The Living God comes to be with us and opens up new meaning, shows ever more wonderfully the fulfilment of the Word of Yahweh spoken in the Old Testament. 

What joy we must have when
we understand that God
loves us and wants us
to be safe with Him.
Glory to God indeed.

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