Sunday, 22 November 2020

A Smile

A Smile

There is nothing so lovely as to see a happy smile, especially if that
smile is on a happy person and even more especially if that person
happens to be your own beloved husband.

Because every smile is

A smile touches your heart. A smile brightens the day. A smile is God’s
secret gift to the world, because when you see a smile, you feel joy
and that joy brings great freedom in that moment. Even if you feel a
little down ( or a lot), then a smile can touch your heart and the
world can seem suddenly brighter.
  There are so many different smiles; there is the smile that says I
love you, the smile that says I am shy, the smile that says ‘oh, you
have seen me!’ and there is the smile that comes from your boots right
up to your ears, the smile of a person who has achieved something big,
who has, through skill and determination, made something happen that
will make a difference in potentially thousands of people’s lives.
  The happiness that comes from genuinely reaching out to others, is
indescribable, for it is lifted by the Spirit into the Heart of Love
and blesses the whole world.
  It is a smile that greets me every day. This is the smile that says
everything is ok. This is the smile that won my heart.

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