Sunday, 20 September 2020

Bless each marriage

Bless each marriage

Bless each one

Both separately and together

May you feel the blessing of love and caring

That was tenderly bound into your wedding vows

May love reside and grow

May understanding bless you both

May all that flows between you 

Be blessed with kindness

May all that is misunderstood

Be resolved

May all the stresses of the day 

Be wrapped in each others hearts 

Bringing strength and comfort to the other

May problems and anxieties melt away

And be resolved

When held in the Mighty Awesome Trinity

Each of whom bring you a special blessing

A gift to help you both powerfully 

Through times of trouble

And bless you mightily 

In times of joy.

May you always receive good counsel from each other

And when the path ahead is unclear

When illness, grief and difficult problems strike

And there seems to be no answer

May you be blessed by your companionship

To work things out together

Knowing that you are held in the Heart Of Love

Where Miracles, Mercy and Joy overflow

And kindness is available at any time

In all abundance

To sustain you.


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