Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Suffering and Peace

Suffering and peace do not seem words that can exist together. They counterpoise each other. 
Immersed in suffering on every level, it is hard, almost impossible to find any moment of respite, yet this is the very moment where your need is greatest. 
This is the very moment when God can and will bring succour to you.
This is the height of spiritual grace, to find a peace deep within your soul that radiates out to all the pain within you and touches it like a gentle balm. This is the peace beyond all understanding, truly a grace from God.
This peace is real, tangible, present and can only come through love, through spirit, from God. It is how we get through impossible moments, finding that despite the most intense pain and unimaginable agony, there is still love with us, present, tender, here with you, within this intense, unbearable moment.
This is the peace we speak of. This is the peace that flows from on high and is available to all. Only reach up and find it, now, bringing life, hope, comfort, stillness, light, to the world. Open to receive it. Amen

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  Lord,  When I feel desperate, Console me. Fill me with Your inner Peace Not of the world. Amen