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The Best We Can Hope For

The best we can hope for
It seems
Is a stillness of moment
When the ravaging of disease ceases to capture, momentarily, all available attention
And an inner peace
Surely not of the world,
Can triumph
And the blessing of love
Can be felt
Amongst and amidst the torment.
This illness never leaves
Despite our best hopes
And yet…
And yet, we still hope and pray
Despite outward appearance
And inner destruction
That miracles will bless our lives
So that one day
We might walk free of it
And be together
In an absolute harmony
On every level
As it was before
So may it be again.


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When we don’t know what to do, we turn to God in prayer and ask that He leads us in love. We don’t need to know exactly what to ask for, we just trust that God will bless us with what is right for us and place our hearts with Him, that we might feel His love.

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Shot in the heart, by the USA backed military, during El Salvador's civil war, Oscar Romero's martyrdom in 1980 has had an enormous influence upon my life.

Here he is, very much echoing what we say on Stonebird about how precious you are and how your presence matters, even if you cannot do anything, move, communicate or think :

"The transcendence that the church preaches is not alienation; it is not going to heaven to think about eternal life and forget about the problems on earth. It’s a transcendence from the human heart. It is entering into the reality of a child, of the poor,of those wearing rags, of the sick, of a hovel,of a shack. It is going to share with them. And from the very heart of misery, of this situation, to transcend it, to elevate it, to promote it, and to say to them, “You aren’t trash. You aren’t marginalized.” It is to say exactly the opposite, “You are valuable.”

Oscar Romero 

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