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I have spent many years fighting for a revolution; but that revolution is no longer possible for me to fight.
The term “Fatigue” has completely taken over, dominated everything to such an extent that it is no longer possible to say who has what disease anymore. ME itself has been renamed and defined virtually out of existence.
I turn on the radio, I hear the same old baloney about psychiatric intervention.
I have fought for 25 years, I have done some good things, but I feel I have lost the battle to separate ME from CFS.
Yet a big part of me still wants to carry on doing the same old things that I have been doing for the last 25 years, things that, in the midst of chaos, have given my life meaning and some kind of hope; this is how we are, us fragile souls, in the face of overwhelming change.
But I know I have to find new ways forward, if I am to effectively help my wife.
This change in direction; it is a time of great loss and risk.
A Prayer :
When loss seeks to unhinge you
And you are totally bewildered and confused
When you forget to remember who you are 
When the way ahead is unclear.
When the present is far too painful to cope with,
May the Lord come to you and hold YOU,
MAY He comfort you may he console YOU
Bless you with all his gifts.
May the Lord lift your life
May the Lord restore you
So that you can once more see
Your true worth and beauty
May you Shine in the world again


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As we enter into dialogue with Christ in prayer so we come to know the truth of his mission and his meaning, for we are showered with gifts, gifts of healing, so necessary for those who have incurable disease, the gift of hope so very precious to the hopeless, the gift of love, which sparkles even in the bleakest moments, the gift of mercy both for ourselves and each other, we grow in understanding and our confidence builds in the love of God here with us, keeping us safe and coming to our aid at every turn life.
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