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On praying and the Our Father

On praying  and the Our Father

And I saw in the praying of the prayer that it was not just my prayer, in that moment, but that prayer, prayed in all moments, adding together and cascading over to reach God’s ear; the sum total of all the times the prayer has ever been prayed, the words spoken, uttered in reverance, proclaimed, beseechingly, genuinely, hopefully, desperately, totally, as if following some sacred holy path that leads ever up the mountain to the summit. 
And each time you pray that prayer you arrive at that summit of the prayer, which connects you to God, yet each further time you pray that prayer, the pinnacle is higher, closer, larger, somehow even more pure, swathed in beauty, in power, in spiritual richness. Each word a glistening jewel that reaches out from you and sparkles in God’s mind. 
The power of that prayer is awesome, immense, vast and incomprehensible, because it holds the power of every word ever spoken, by every single person who has spoken it, till it becomes a prayer of massive propensity, for it encompasses the whole world and reaches out to eternity, where it is received and its answer echoes back to you. And that answer is Love. That answer is Peace. That answer is Mercy. That answer is Blessing. And that prayer is whole and complete, for it is the Word of God, manifest in you. 
Thus you are safe and saved. You are heard and answered, you are blessing and you are blessed. In this way your prayer is like a waterfall, flowing constantly, falling ever into the heart of God Himself, so that it is surely felt, surely, known, surely heard, surely experienced. 
Your prayer is ever-flowing, each word expanding, increasing, unstoppable, till it has been received. Therefore never doubt your prayer. And never feel alone, for as you pray so the whole host of heaven and Earth ultimately prays with you. Who could ever refuse to answer such a request, flowing in goodness, flowing in wonder, flowing in the mystery of God Himself?  For this is the mystical reality of prayer, prayer that flows from your heart to the Heart of Love. How could it never not be answered? 

And let us remember when we pray the Our Father particularly, who it was who first uttered this prayer. For it was Jesus himself. Thus as we pray this incredibly intimate prayer, between Father and Son, so we adjoin our words, we adjoin our hearts, we adjoin our spirits to Jesus himself, in his speaking, directly, to his Father and so, we too, are included in that conversation and in the Father’s response. Therefore there can be  nothing between us and God as we pray His prayer, simply because of this gift of pure Love. We too then are wrapped up in the mystery, held in the centre of the Trinity, known and Loved, protected and saved, by this prayer alone. Amen


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