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Holy Tears

The wonderful teacher Anthony de Mello once told a story about a grieving mother, who had just lost her son. The master told her gently that he could not do anything about her loss, but he could make her tears “holy”.
That beautiful, tender story reminds me of what we have learned about suffering and struggle, grief and loss, about being broken open in the bleakest places, way beyond imagination.
Here we have immersed ourselves in the Heart of love that flows from the Mighty Trinity. We call this path the Holy Way.
The Holy Way is a path of love, ours and God’s….
The Holy Way has renewed us as we have clung on to that love.
The Holy Way is a path with heart and soul.
It commits us us to keep remembering who we are and who God is, to see beyond the world, with all its torments, disillusions, displacements, hurts, losses.
It commits us to see with inner eyes the flow of Spirit, guiding, empowering, enabling, hoping, holding, uplifting, recreating, banishing all evil in its path, miraculously helping us tread another step forward, even when no steps are seemingly possible.
It is a path of faith.
It is a path of light.
It enables us to cling on to a belief in goodness, in love, in a tenderness and compassion that surely touches the deepest tragedy, the severest pain, the worst assault, the cruelest betrayals and brings healing.
It helps you hold on and move toward love, even when that love is unfelt, unreachable, separated, seemingly lost.
Even in the darkest place does not God tell us that darkness will be to Him as light as day( Psalm 139;12) ?
There is no place that the Light of the World cannot shine, it is in this knowledge that we place our faith as we journey on our Holy Way.
It is in this way that we find blessings in all we experience and endure.
It is in this way, immersing our tears in the love of the Trinity, where all sadness is known, understood and touched by Spirit, that we can keep moving on, refinding ourselves and carry on reaching out in love once more.
Tears ultimately are for healing. When God touches us with His light all is transfigured and transformation is possible and can be used for good.
How many tears must Jesus’ mother have wept for her Son on the Cross, yet what power and love were released that day.
may your tears heal the earth
may your tears touch our hearts
may your tears cleanse our soul
may your grief heal our grief
may your grief touch our emptiness
may your grief speak for us
may your love heal our fear
may your love touch our pain
may your love bless our lives
may your hope heal our hearts
may your hope touch our souls
may your hope guide us on
to your Son
(Linda Crowhurst)


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