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Bless this day

Bless this day                                    
And help me feel your ever-present Love
Touching me
Lifting me
Guiding me
Healing me
Leading me on,
Through every moment,
Whether it be a moment
Of difficulty
Or joy.
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A Blessing For the Breath of Life

Today I bless the sky In all its wonder and beauty, The clouds, the rain, the snow, the hail I bless the air we take for granted Each molecule of Oxygen that enables us to breathe Each molecule of Carbon Dioxide that enables plants to grow I bless each in breath, may it bring us strength and energy I bless each out breath, may it bring us peace and healing I bless the breath that brings life to all I bless the air, may it be clean and safe I bless the planet may it survive and prosper I bless all life May it rejoice in its being May all be restored to right balance and harmony. Amen


Let us ask to see things with greater perspective.  Let us always seek a higher view,  guided by God, blessed by the gifts of the spirit: wisdom, knowledge, discernment, love.



Gratitude lifts our hearts, restores peace, brings healing, blesses us with beauty.

Come Holy Spirit

A Call to the Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit,  Anoint me with your Love Come Holy Spirit,  Reside in me in Power and Tenderness Come Holy Spirit,  Inspire me with Truth Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit, Give me a Thirst for Justice and Righteousness, Come, Holy Spirit,  Shower me with Your gifts today Come Holy Spirit, Lead me and guide me on a path of Light and Truth Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit  Help me speak truly and fairly Come Holy Spirit  Shield and Protect me from harm Come Holy Spirit  Bring miracles of healing with you Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit, May your Spirit flow freely within me Come Holy Spirit,  Help me see clearly Come Holy Spirit,  Let me speak wisely Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit, Pray with me, pray in me, pray through me, pray for me Come Holy Spirit,  Intercede for me, knowing my every need intimately Come Holy Spirit,  Bless me with your ever-giving presence Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit, Touch me with your essence, make me whole and complete Come Hol…

Bless this day

Bless us this day May nothing come between us May all rest in the Heart of Love May all healing be received May all comfort be granted May love shine out and  Bless all things  


May every blessing ever made Reach you in your distress May every blessing sent to you Curl round you in a loving embrace May every blessing ever spoken Whisper words of love and strength To carry you through the bleakest days
May every blessing bless you now