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On praying and the Our Father

On praying  and the Our Father
And I saw in the praying of the prayer that it was not just my prayer, in that moment, but that prayer, prayed in all moments, adding together and cascading over to reach God’s ear; the sum total of all the times the prayer has ever been prayed, the words spoken, uttered in reverance, proclaimed, beseechingly, genuinely, hopefully, desperately, totally, as if following some sacred holy path that leads ever up the mountain to the summit.  And each time you pray that prayer you arrive at that summit of the prayer, which connects you to God, yet each further time you pray that prayer, the pinnacle is higher, closer, larger, somehow even more pure, swathed in beauty, in power, in spiritual richness. Each word a glistening jewel that reaches out from you and sparkles in God’s mind.  The power of that prayer is awesome, immense, vast and incomprehensible, because it holds the power of every word ever spoken, by every single person who has spoken it, till it becom…
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Let us pray

Let us pray a prayer of healing for ourselves or anyone else that may be in need: Lord in your mercy
Tenderly heal me.
Lord fill me with your holy Peace
Not of this world.
Lord bless me
With your healing presence.
Restore me now to full health.
Lord strengthen me
With the Power of Your Spirit.
Ease the burdens that I carry.
Lord comfort me
With Your Tender heart.
Release me from all pain.
Lord console me
With the truth of Your love.
May all Mercy be received.

You are Valuable


Shot in the heart, by the USA backed military, during El Salvador's civil war, Oscar Romero's martyrdom in 1980 has had an enormous influence upon my life.

Here he is, very much echoing what we say on Stonebird about how precious you are and how your presence matters, even if you cannot do anything, move, communicate or think :

"The transcendence that the church preaches is not alienation; it is not going to heaven to think about eternal life and forget about the problems on earth. It’s a transcendence from the human heart. It is entering into the reality of a child, of the poor,of those wearing rags, of the sick, of a hovel,of a shack. It is going to share with them. And from the very heart of misery, of this situation, to transcend it, to elevate it, to promote it, and to say to them, “You aren’t trash. You aren’t marginalized.” It is to say exactly the opposite, “You are valuable.”

Oscar Romero 

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Come into the hurting places

Come into the hurting places .... if you will. 
Come gently ...into the hurting places of my body. Bless them.............. if you will, Tenderly heal them if you will.
Come now into the hurting places of my heart. Release the many unshed tears....... if you will. Fill my vulnerability with your strength .......... if you will.
Come gently now into the hurting places of my mind. Touch each painful memory with love .......... if you will Lift my thoughts to higher places if you will.
Come now gently into the hurting places of my soul. Let your light pour into me ... if you will. Give me gifts of your spirit ....if you will. 
Come into all the hurting places ........if you will  and make me whole.
by Linda Crowhurst. 2000.

The Spirit is with me

When I am confused or lost and don’t know which path to take, I wait upon the Lord and find the Spirit is with me. He will bless me. He will guide me. He will always lead me in a path of love.  For  I am wild as the wind and can trust that the breath of life lives in me and will lead me safely on, held forever n the Heart of Love - the total love of the Trinity.

The Lord guides my feet

The  Spirit guides me. I follow. I flow. I dance, I trust. I do not know the path but the Lord knows the rhythm and guides my feet. All is blessed here on this holy ground I tread upon, with His love ever present, His Spirit shining for me, showing me the way to go.

A Call to the Holy Spirit

The Spirit is freedom, the Spirit is movement, the Spirit is awesome power of Love in action. You 
can feel the presence of the Spirit. It tastes and feels good. Therefore pray in confidence to the Spirit. Pray in His Holy name and know that miracles abound.

A Call to the Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit,  Anoint me with your Love Come Holy Spirit,  Reside in me in Power and Tenderness Come Holy Spirit,  Inspire me with Truth Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit, Give me a Thirst for Justice and Righteousness, Come, Holy Spirit,  Shower me with Your gifts today Come Holy Spirit, Lead me and guide me on a path of Light and Truth Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit  Help me speak truly and fairly Come Holy Spirit  Shield and Protect me from harm Come Holy Spirit  Bring miracles of healing with you Come Holy Spirit, come Come Holy Spirit,